Hex Color Stockings....

After spending a good amount of time in re-learning the creation process for working with clothing templates in a completely three dimensional setting in Photoshop; I am more than happy to (finally) have a new release ready for this month.

Presenting the Hex Color Stocking Collection...Inspired by the Hexadecimal Color Codes for HTML. If you've no clue what that is, then I strongly urge you to buy a few stocking from this set, wear them, and then pace back and forth in frivolous thought until you do!

There are 11 sexy color coded stockings just begging to be worn!
And as always with each new release, there is a gift waiting to be found in the store, and a freebie in the group to boot!

 Port on in and find out which one!{ Zeery } Color Couture

Their Included Stats are...
100% Hand Drawn Clothing (with luv)
Copy - No Mod- No Trans
Clothing Layers [1]

The Following Colors are...
Fuchsia[]#FF00FF - Crimsons[]#DC143C- Orange[]#FFA500 - Yellow[]#FADA5E

Myrtle Green[]#21421E -Harlequin Green[]#3FFF00
Turquoise[]#40E0D0 - Steel Blue[]#4682b4 - Midnight Blue[]#191970

Black[]#000000 - White[]#FFFFFF


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