Mens Tank Tops

Way over due, but finally here, something 100% for the guys.

Presenting Tank Tops for Men...

We have 5 sexy rusted tops for guys, in 3 textures...
1) Wave
2) Horizontal
3) Smooth

And as always with each new release, there is a gift waiting to be found in the store, and a freebie in the group to boot!

 Port on in and find out which one!{ Zeery } Color Couture

Their Included Stats are...
100% Hand Drawn Clothing (with luv)
Copy - No Mod- No Trans
Clothing Layers [All Possible Layers] 

The Following Colors are.. (in order).
  • Purple Rust
  • Blue Rust
  • Orange Rust
  • Lime Rust
  • Bloody Mess


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