Fitted Futbol Scarves

Yes, I know that the World Cup is long gone but still!
Presenting Team USA Fitted Futbol Scarves for men and women....


These scarves were drunkenly created during the Fifa 2010 World Cup after the United States scored a Victory against England and Algeria (who could forget that 91st minute?).

They were meant to be victory scarves, but were sadly tossed asunder after a loss during the third round of the finals!

Regardless, it hurts to let them sit in the corner and wallow in sadness, so for those of us who admire the North American home team and its struggle in the domain of Futbol, I bring forth these scarves!

And as always with each new release, there is a gift waiting to be found in the store!

 Port on in and find out which one!{ Zeery } Color Couture

Their Included Stats are...
100% Hand Drawn (with luv)
Copy - Mod- No Trans
Flexy and Static Prims

The Following Colors are.. (in order).
  • Red - Blue - White

  • Red, White and Blue - Blue and White Stripes - Blue and Red Stripes

  • Blue- Red- White

  • Red, White and Blue - Blue and White Stripes - Blue and Red Stripes


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