{ Z } ℭolor Eyeshadow Essentials at ⊰{ Zeery }⊱

Now at { Zeery } a first ever, eyeshadow makeup ...

Colors crushed into powdery perfection and ready to wear! This eyeshadow was made for those of us who love the skin they're in but crave the freedom of variety. Now you don't have to swap your skin anymore to change your look.
Original  eyeliner wore by model not included. Color only. Tattoo layer made For Viewer 2.0.

"As always there is a cheapie gift included with each new release. Drop by {Zeery} Color Couture and find out which one it is!  

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100% Digitally hand crushed colors and texture.

[7 Colors Combination's]
• Ginkgo •Serpent • Crushed Scarab •Turquoise • Blur Blue • Phlox Flower • Violet Fog

Model Blur Mannequin 


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