The Trouble with Seams...

...I have yet to meet the SL designer who does not struggle with seam lines from time to time. Even the most skilled person can get lash-back from working on those tricky 2D templates. Because just when you think you have everything perfectly matched up- BAM!! You've got noticeable misalignment's here-and-there,  turning your hard work into a cluster cuss (pardon my french).
After going back and forth between programs, for about one hour and several fist fulls of pulled hair later, you find that there are still mistakes, distortions and misalignment's!

I suffer, or will now say that I suffered, with these very same issues. So much so, that I practically avoided making Tops, Tanks, and Jeans altogether; only dabbing at an attempt when I had the energy to deal with the frustration it caused.  As an example I prepared a set of tops to release during Easter for the male audience, but because I could not bare the sight of a single warped seam, I skipped the Easter release and pushed the date back.

So there I sat, at my computer, pen in hand, staring at my enemy, feeling defeated and distraught, and slowly considering that I put my focus into a prim based item instead. That was until, quite recently, a copy of Photoshop CS4 fell out of the sky and knocked the sense back into me.

Just moments ago I gave it a quick test drive and found that the problem which took me long hours to deal with, was solved in a matter of minutes. How utterly delightful, and just in the knick of time too!
All that incessant jabber being said, my once gloomy prospect has now brightened, and I'm back on the bandwagon towards pushing a new release for this week!Fingers crossed! If this goes smoothly without a hitch, I'll be drowning everyone in digital poly cotton jeans, shirts and skirts.


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