{ Policy }

Product Permissions...

☑Copy  ☑Mod  ☒Transfer
• Prim Accessories and Clothing
(Jewelry will now be Mod)

      ☑Copy  ☒Mod  ☒Transfer
      • Tattoo Layers
      • Clothing Layers

        Purchases , Exchanges and Refunds...

        • Refund on ☑Transfer items ONLY
        • Exchanges on ☑Transfer items ONLY
        • Duplicate Purchases are refundable with Payment History
        (no exchanges or refunds on gift, discount, or free items)

        Gifts and Free Items...

        • Discounted Gifts usually follow "New" releases
        • Free items are labeled as "Free" not as "Gifts"
        • To Find Discounted Gifts...
        a) Join the {Zeery} Color Couture Update Group
        b) Follow the {Zeery} Color Couture Blog for Updates

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        Makes brightly colored Textile Designs for her small shop [ZEERY] Color Couture.