ZoMbIFieD Scarves at ⊰{ Zeery }⊱

Now at { Zeery } Zombie Apocalypse Edition Scarves...

Pulled from the existing collections at  ⊰{ Zeery }⊱  ℭolor ℭouture, each of your favorite scarves have been chewed, ripped, infected and worn by to death by the Undead. Perfect for any Zombie with style; who says your accessories cant match your look? 


Available only from October 18th - November 18th
One scarf is available as a group only freebie. Drop by {Zeery} Color Couture and find out which one it is!  

☑Copy ☑Mod ☒Trans
100% Digitally hand sewn color and textures.

[5 Colors Combination's]
• Undead Autumn Leaves • Inked Blood • Atomic Apocalypse

 • Golden Gore

 • Pine Snack


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